“Moving Meditations for Families with Autism”:

A Free Resource Page for Parents and Teachers

7 Bodymind Training videos you can use

to help your kids — and yourself!

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  • for kids, families and classrooms where stress is a factor
  • practice alone, or together with the whole family or classroom

CLARITY 1: Useful for children who are bothered by distractions. Enables the child to find more space and channel potentially disruptive impulses in a useful direction.

PEACEFUL 1: A calming video to be used especially if the child is agitated, anxious, or too much “in his/her head.”

DE-STRESS 3: The power and intrinsic groundedness of waves can help when a child needs to discharge excess energy in a safe way.

Buy the full app with all 18 videos for Android, iPad or iPhone.

PEACEFUL 2: This video tends to produce a soft, airy feeling of calm and freedom, and opens up deep natural breathing. Children may improvise their own movements, but should be encouraged to stay with the settled mood of the video.

COOL DOWN 1: Nature imagery can help calm uncontrolled thinking and rumination, and open awareness to the goodness of the present moment.

COOL DOWN 2: Another way to cool down. Tapping on the head and neck help release tight muscles and stimulate acupuncture points.

CENTERING DOWN — FOR THE PARENT OR TEACHER: Providing care for a child with autism calls for a calm, centered source of strength. Once you have a sense of this, you can bring the Centering Down feeling with you into any stressful situation!

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