Would you like to help us develop a

Bodymind Training App for kids with Autism?

We are developing an app that may be useful to increase self-regulation and reduce anxiety in children diagnosed with Autism.

We need to raise money to help pay for the programmers and for other technical expertise to bring this app into the hands of families where autism is a challenge.

Please support our GoFundMe Campaign!

In 2017 we won a contest in support of our project. “The Pitch Competition at Dartmouth College was sponsored by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) and the Dartmouth Digital Arts, Leadership and Innovation Lab (DALI).  Since then, we and others have devoted hundreds of hours of labor to bring this project to its current state.

In order to finish developing these videos and thoroughly test them, and make them available as widely as possible, we need to raise a substantial amount of money. We are starting with a GoFundMe Campaign!

While the app has been under construction, some of the video content has been used by families where autism is part of every day life.   Below are some images and comments about the effects on kids watching these videos.

“The ASD videos have greatly reduced the severity of our son’s anxiety. We have found them especially helpful in the morning, when he’s having a hard time separating from us for school.   Our other children find these videos relaxing as well!

 “When our child was going through a particularly anxiety ridden period, watching these videos helped him be able to function again.”