Movement as the language of emotion: Why Moving Meditations make sense.

…The brain communicates on two main levels: the instinctive-emotional-movement level, and the rational-verbal level. Guess which level kids operate on, especially those with challenges? It should be no surprise that they operate on the instinctive-emotional-movement level. The language of the instinctive part of the brain is movement and sensation!

Bullying: Anatomy of the Bully

Bullying: Anatomy of the Bully

Recently I’ve been on a deep dive into expert opinions on bullying, its causes, effects and methods.  Fortunately there is consensus on a number of points, irrespective if the bullying is associated with schools, work place or larger social groups.

Remembering Women Veterans

I recall being focused on a butterfly that had just landed on a nearby plant. The butterfly paused revealing crisp black and yellow stripes and spots. Its wings slowly opened and closed as it tested a flower for nectar.  Overhead, the drone of a prop aircraft...

Resilient First Responders: Flourishing Under Challenge

Why do some people flourish in the face stress? I’d like to share some insights from our studies of flight attendant health.   One study’s objective was to determine if a ‘meditative movement’ training could change the health of our study volunteers.  This training involved teaching awareness of internal bodily sensations …

The Sensory (Somatic) World of Flight Attendants

Some of you know the dichotomy of my background, now a faculty member, working as a research scientist at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Formerly, I was a Pan Am flight attendant (FA) for over 18 years. It has been the greatest honor and good...

Morning Coffee: Bodymind Training

'Morning Coffee' integrates practice into an activity of everyday living.  The bedroom window is open just enough to carry a breath of the morning breeze and the racket of birds competing for mates and territory. Hands and arms escape the...

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